Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A bedtime story

Once upon a time there was a girl that liked to run.

"Hey! Let's sign you up for the LA Marathon," her coach said. And so she did. And she was very excited. Then one day she felt some pain and it didn't go away. Instead, it grew and grew until finally she went to a doctor. For weeks the doctor tried to fix her knee.

The doctor used terms like meniscus and mushy. 

"You cannot run that marathon," the doctor finally said.

"Well, shit," the girl said.

While I'm sitting here, tell me; Do you have a story about an injury? How long was your recovery time? TELL ME EVERYTHING.


Friday, December 4, 2015

Spartan Kids

Tomorrow would have been my last Spartan Race of 2015. I say would have been because I am not racing tomorrow. My knee just won't hold up. I want to race the strongest 2016 I can, so I am resting, recovering, and plotting. Lots of plotting. 

My boys will still run though and I am so excited to cheer them on from the side lines. The last time Oliver ran a Spartan course he hated me. I mean, literally. There were tears. And temper tantrums. Threats of running away. But in the end, we put him on that course, reminded him that he CAN do anything, and then we walked away from him. And guess what? He did it. And then he wrote this in class: 

  "A time I felt excited about something was when I did the spartan race. To begin with I started running through mud pits! They were deep and not so deep. In this case I ran with wet shoes, shirt, and pants that all slowed me down. I then had to jump through and over a fence like structure. I climbed over the  fences on the sides. I put a foot here and a foot there and, well, you get it. Then I had to climb a towering mountain. I had no gear on and I was next to a quarry so it was hard. I made it up there and then I had to go down! That took me longer to do but I made it finally! I saw the finish line! I bolted toward it! And the I put on my medal and I finished! I did come in last but I didn't care!"

This weekend in Castaic, I am predicting the same show from Oliver pre-race. He'll hate me all over again. He'll cry, then I will walk him to the Start Line and I will leave him there. And he will race, because he knows he can.

 A very proud mom,

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tuesday Weigh In (On a Thursday)


I have some catching up to do! I've abandoned you!

Here's this weeks weigh in:

Pounds- 147.9
SMM - 65.7
Fat - 20.2 (son of a bitch!)

I was KINDA okay with my numbers this week, only because of Thanksgiving. I thought for sure I would come in hot after a few days in Sonoma. But I did my best up there and made sure I still got an hour of cardio in everyday. It was easy, to be honest, because they had a little work out room downstairs! With a bike and elliptical! So, I could pamper my knee and work on those calories. Then I could eat more! Win-Win.

The shoulder has improved, but the knee is proving to be problematic. More on that later.....

Oh! Got some exciting things coming up involving some Paleo Cookbooks......