Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Weigh In

Back into the gym this morning for our regularly scheduled programming (that's always funny!). Its TUESDAY!!! That's weigh in day folks. So here we go, Internets.

150.8 pounds
20.6 % body fat
66.1 SMM

Nothing to write home about. That stomach bug tossed my SMM in reverse for a minute, but that's okay. We shall overcome...

After I dropped the kids off I popped over to Sprouts (a sweaty mess OF COURSE) and ran around like a madman trying to get a few groceries before work. I tried to only purchase ingredients, as opposed to food products, so that when I do have time to sit down and meal prep I will be prepared. Sweet P's, chicken, lots of veggies, apples, bananas, peppers, onions, so on...

But then I grabbed a Chocolate Chip Complete Cookie. Because, simple carbs yo!

Thursday! Thursday! Thursday!


Monday, September 28, 2015

Stomach Flu of DEATH

Well. I've already let you down. No post in what, ten days? The stomach flu hit our house like a hurricane. Our youngest brought it home first, then it quickly worked to fell the remainder. I ate nothing for three days except pretzels and San Pellegrino sparkling orange drink. Neither of those are paleo. Not at all. Not even a smidge....

Yesterday I completed the Spartan Sprint in Temecula, Ca. I was shoveling things in my mouth the entire distance of the course to keep me going. Cliff Shot Blocks. Honey Stinger Waffles. Mustard for cramping. (Sooooo much mustard and still sooooo much cramping!) And at the end of the 5.6 mile long 104 degree course an angel of mercy appeared in front of me and handed me a FitAid drink. And you better believe I drank it. And then, at the bottom of the can, I read: PALEO FRIENDLY.

Oh shit.

Thats rigggghhhhht.

I have this Paleo thing coming up.

So, here we are. It is September 28th. Two more days in which I can drink wine and eat chocolate and not bat an eye. Two more days, people!

Two. Days.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Thats a lot of sausage...

This morning at breakfast I grabbed a box of frozen breakfast sausage. I don't usually keep stuff like this in the house, but I grabbed it from Whole Foods at my middle son's request. The second ingredient in the sausage was honey. The seventh was condensed milk. Yes. In sausage. Also, did you catch that? The seventh ingredient. That's a lot of ingredients for sausage!) They ate it, and it was fine. But I passed on it. Milk and honey sausage? Not allowed on the 30 day challenge.

I need to get down to work and put in a solid day of cooking. It is so much easier when the freezer is stocked with things I can just grab and not worry about. No evaporated or condensed milk, or honey, or a list of ingredients I can't pronounce.

The weekend is coming...Wish me luck....


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rosh Hashan-OH SHIT

So, lets talk about last nights dinner. We got home late, but I had already defrosted some Mini Meatloaves from Pre-Made Paleo. I warmed the meatloaves up, fixed a salad, added some leftover macaroni and cheese for the kids, and some green beans. Then, at the very last minute, without even thinking I dumped some of the Brussel sprout we took home from my mother-in-law's rosh hashanah dinner on our plates. Later that night while doing the dishes it occurred to me "Shit! Those Brussel sprouts were drenched in cheese and butter!" All that effort all day long and I blew it in one fell swoop of the serving spoon. But the bigger picture here is how easy it was to make that mistake. It really hit me how vigilant i'll have to be during the actual 30 Day Challenge. If this were it, and I made the same Brussel Sprout mistake, I would have to start all over. All. Over.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Weigh In

First day of pre-detox

So, here goes. Big brave step - here is my weigh in information. On the internet. For all to see. FOREVER. I currently weigh 150.9 pounds, with a muscle mass of 67.2 and 19.8 body fat percentage. And I'm proud of that weigh in. I am a big strong girl, and I love it.

My first pre-detox step is beginning to remove dairy. Instead of milk in my coffee this morning I used coconut milk. Which was fine, until I spent an hour and a half on the freeway in the rain only to finally get to campus and discover that they only serve SOY MILK as an alternative. Which will not do. So, I had my Americano black. I survived.

The second thing I did to help jumpstart this thing is clean out my pantry. My husband and kids are not doing this challenge with me, so their food will remain in the house. Untouched. Beckoning me when I feel weak. Calling out to me in the night. Looking delicious...But thats another story. Instead, I cleaned out my box in the pantry. No more Rise Bars, (I had TWO yesterday) Cliff Bars, Kind Bars, (and one of these!) none of it. All of it - gone. Including my sugar coated gummy vitamins, and any recovery drink/powder/mix with added sugar. Gone. I brought a big bag of it all to my classes and doled them out to my college students. I felt bad about it at first, I did. But, judging by the rate they disappeared from my desk, these college students need some protein! And some vitamins. (Also- cold season is AROUND THE CORNER PEOPLE! Take those vitamins kids! Take em!)

The Rise bars were hard to part with. Those Almond Honey gems are delicious. They are. I immediately started rationalizing having "just one more" when I remembered my Americano. I didn't have that bad boy black just to falter only an hour later for a protein bar.

Also, this shit's gonna be hard people.


Monday, September 14, 2015

So this is it...

Hello! You've found me. Welcome.

This blog is designed to document my attempt at a 30 day Paleo Challenge. The idea is documenting what it looks like, daily, for the average person to "Go Paleo" for thirty days. And I am just that; a mere mortal.

My name is Jessica Danger. (Yes! FOR REALS!) I am a wife and mother. My husband and I are small business owners here in our town, Laguna Niguel. He owns and operates a barber shop and also a store for men; grooming products, barber supplies, all the products they want and need. He also produces a Tattoo Convention, Musink, and barbers on site for events across the state.  All this to say, he works A LOT. I also work. I am an english professor at two local colleges. I teach composition, literature, and creative writing. I am in the classroom five days a week with a majority of my preparation and grading done at home at my little desk in my bedroom.

We have three boys; 17, 9, and 6. With them comes all the normal trappings of parenting, right? School, sports, homework, lunches, volunteering, social activities, birthday parties, on and on and on it seems. So, thats us. Pretty average folks! Except, I mean, we are kinda awesome. But still....

My 30 day challenge will begin October 1. In the meantime, I am working on taking some notes and thinking about eliminating the non-compliant foods now. My goal (I think) is to document everything here- and I mean EVERYTHING - so you can see it in all its glory. Including my weigh ins, my frustrations, my screaming at random people on the street as I detox from sugar and carbohydrates...I'm gonna just apologize now... You're welcome.

So, here we go! Tomorrow will be my first "pre-de-tox" day.

Wish me luck! And lets just see what happens.