Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Weigh In

First day of pre-detox

So, here goes. Big brave step - here is my weigh in information. On the internet. For all to see. FOREVER. I currently weigh 150.9 pounds, with a muscle mass of 67.2 and 19.8 body fat percentage. And I'm proud of that weigh in. I am a big strong girl, and I love it.

My first pre-detox step is beginning to remove dairy. Instead of milk in my coffee this morning I used coconut milk. Which was fine, until I spent an hour and a half on the freeway in the rain only to finally get to campus and discover that they only serve SOY MILK as an alternative. Which will not do. So, I had my Americano black. I survived.

The second thing I did to help jumpstart this thing is clean out my pantry. My husband and kids are not doing this challenge with me, so their food will remain in the house. Untouched. Beckoning me when I feel weak. Calling out to me in the night. Looking delicious...But thats another story. Instead, I cleaned out my box in the pantry. No more Rise Bars, (I had TWO yesterday) Cliff Bars, Kind Bars, (and one of these!) none of it. All of it - gone. Including my sugar coated gummy vitamins, and any recovery drink/powder/mix with added sugar. Gone. I brought a big bag of it all to my classes and doled them out to my college students. I felt bad about it at first, I did. But, judging by the rate they disappeared from my desk, these college students need some protein! And some vitamins. (Also- cold season is AROUND THE CORNER PEOPLE! Take those vitamins kids! Take em!)

The Rise bars were hard to part with. Those Almond Honey gems are delicious. They are. I immediately started rationalizing having "just one more" when I remembered my Americano. I didn't have that bad boy black just to falter only an hour later for a protein bar.

Also, this shit's gonna be hard people.


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