Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Weigh In

Back into the gym this morning for our regularly scheduled programming (that's always funny!). Its TUESDAY!!! That's weigh in day folks. So here we go, Internets.

150.8 pounds
20.6 % body fat
66.1 SMM

Nothing to write home about. That stomach bug tossed my SMM in reverse for a minute, but that's okay. We shall overcome...

After I dropped the kids off I popped over to Sprouts (a sweaty mess OF COURSE) and ran around like a madman trying to get a few groceries before work. I tried to only purchase ingredients, as opposed to food products, so that when I do have time to sit down and meal prep I will be prepared. Sweet P's, chicken, lots of veggies, apples, bananas, peppers, onions, so on...

But then I grabbed a Chocolate Chip Complete Cookie. Because, simple carbs yo!

Thursday! Thursday! Thursday!


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