Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rosh Hashan-OH SHIT

So, lets talk about last nights dinner. We got home late, but I had already defrosted some Mini Meatloaves from Pre-Made Paleo. I warmed the meatloaves up, fixed a salad, added some leftover macaroni and cheese for the kids, and some green beans. Then, at the very last minute, without even thinking I dumped some of the Brussel sprout we took home from my mother-in-law's rosh hashanah dinner on our plates. Later that night while doing the dishes it occurred to me "Shit! Those Brussel sprouts were drenched in cheese and butter!" All that effort all day long and I blew it in one fell swoop of the serving spoon. But the bigger picture here is how easy it was to make that mistake. It really hit me how vigilant i'll have to be during the actual 30 Day Challenge. If this were it, and I made the same Brussel Sprout mistake, I would have to start all over. All. Over.


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