Monday, September 14, 2015

So this is it...

Hello! You've found me. Welcome.

This blog is designed to document my attempt at a 30 day Paleo Challenge. The idea is documenting what it looks like, daily, for the average person to "Go Paleo" for thirty days. And I am just that; a mere mortal.

My name is Jessica Danger. (Yes! FOR REALS!) I am a wife and mother. My husband and I are small business owners here in our town, Laguna Niguel. He owns and operates a barber shop and also a store for men; grooming products, barber supplies, all the products they want and need. He also produces a Tattoo Convention, Musink, and barbers on site for events across the state.  All this to say, he works A LOT. I also work. I am an english professor at two local colleges. I teach composition, literature, and creative writing. I am in the classroom five days a week with a majority of my preparation and grading done at home at my little desk in my bedroom.

We have three boys; 17, 9, and 6. With them comes all the normal trappings of parenting, right? School, sports, homework, lunches, volunteering, social activities, birthday parties, on and on and on it seems. So, thats us. Pretty average folks! Except, I mean, we are kinda awesome. But still....

My 30 day challenge will begin October 1. In the meantime, I am working on taking some notes and thinking about eliminating the non-compliant foods now. My goal (I think) is to document everything here- and I mean EVERYTHING - so you can see it in all its glory. Including my weigh ins, my frustrations, my screaming at random people on the street as I detox from sugar and carbohydrates...I'm gonna just apologize now... You're welcome.

So, here we go! Tomorrow will be my first "pre-de-tox" day.

Wish me luck! And lets just see what happens.


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