Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Weigh In


It's Tuesday.

Here is my weigh in info:

147.2 Pounds
66.1 SMM
18.6 % fat

Guys. This is an awesome weigh in and I'm wicked stoked.

In Marathon news, I completed my longest run yesterday; Twelve miles, unbroken. I gave myself 30 second breaks for water at the 5 and 10 mile marks. Here is what I learned on that run:

  1. It was so god damn hard.
  2. Now that my training runs are this long, I need to bring fuel for the actual run. Water was not enough. By the time I finished the run I was shaky and a little dizzy. I inhaled a protein bar in the car on the way home and that still wasn't enough.
  3. Going unbroken seems to be best; my legs didn't seize up on "breaks."
  4. The last mile was hard. I almost didn't finish. Luckily for me my sister-in-law kept an ongoing stream of baby related texts coming at me so I was distracted. She saved this run.
  5. My knee held up but HOT DAMN is it sore today.

I told my coach that the next time he schedules me for a 12 miler he needs to be there to carry me home when I'm done. He agreed.

Six miles today! Then a "rest week" whatever THAT means.

95 days left....95 days.


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