Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bacon Soup

I sent The Hubs to Costco for me last week, with a list. I should have proofread the list because when he came home with two bags of mixed peppers, three boxes of tomatoes, and two HUGE bags of cut vegetables I died a little inside. God bless the man for his patience. He didn't even say anything.

So now I have all these extra vegetables, like enough for an army of starving vegans. (They always look so hungry!)

This morning I was in a particularly great mood (THANK YOU WHOLE 30) so while I graded the last of my Don Quixote essays I started cooking. I roasted half the broccoli and made a chopped broccoli salad with the other half. I curried all the cauliflower. I peeled all three boxes of tomatoes for tomato soup.

Did you hear me?


I made two packs of perfect bacon. Perfect. I roasted three whole sweet potatoes.

Hey wait a minute.

Bacon. Tomato soup.

Guess what I had for lunch?

Like, half of it.

I was hungry. And it was delicious.

So thanks Babe. Thanks for humoring your scatterbrained wife who sends you to Costco with a shopping list meant for Sprouts. You're the man, man. (There's a little soup with bacon left for you at home honey. And I mean a little!)


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