Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Weigh In Day

It's Tuesday. It's weigh in day. Here goes:

147.6 pounds
19.4 % body fat
65.9 muscle mass

So, since starting the 30 day challenge I have lost 4 pounds and about 1% body fat. In twelve days. Not bad. (Note- you are NOT supposed to weigh yourself on the Whole 30!)

Here's a list of benefits I've already noticed:

  • My husband complimented my skin the other day (out of nowhere! he wasn't even in trouble!)
  • I FEEL leaner
  • The waist of all my pants are loose (yay!)
  • I am DEFINITELY less stinky when I sweat (lets be real here folks)
  • My hair is shinier. I know, I know. But, really. I had my husband pet it the other day it was so soft. And yesterday someone at the gym complimented it, so- validation. Not crazy. It's actually shinier.
  • General mood improvement - especially at night. No more raging Momster during the witching hour (Praise Norma!)

So far so good. Today is day thirteen. Almost halfway there.

You know what I miss the most? It's not even wine, which is what I THOUGHT it would be. It's peanut butter. I REALLLLLLLLLY miss peanut butter. Soon. Soon.....


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