Saturday, October 3, 2015

Put the thingy in the whats it called

End of Day Three:

I have a headache.
My face feels puffy.
Forming complete thoughts for a majority of the day? Nope. Not this girl.

At Elite Camp this morning I forgot half my gear. I spilled coffee all over my pants. I've been fumbling all my words. I'm a walking disaster. Hurricane Jess. Steer clear.

Then I went to baby shower for my dear friend from FOREVER ago. (TWINS GIRLS!) I planned ahead, stopping by Whole Foods to get lunch. I planned to eat in the car before the shower so I would go in full. Then I practiced saying "No thank you" like the book tells you to.

But....did you know that practically EVERYTHING Whole Food sells in their deli has been cooked in Canola Oil?



Charbroiled Salmon- Sugar and Soy
Blackened Salmon- Expeller Pressed Canola Oil
Herb Roasted Turkey Breast- Expeller Pressed Canola Oil
Charbroiled Chicken Breast - CANOLA OIL (how is that charbroiled then?!)

Hot food bar- Mac and cheese, potatoes, samosas, rice, nope, nope, nope.


I was fit to be tied. Whole Foods people. WHOLE FOODS.

I got some Brussels sprouts (olive oil, salt, and pepper!) and some sweet potato wedges (cumin, paprika, olive oil) and pulled out my phone.

Siri confirmed that yes, according to the Whole 30 website, Canola Oil is accepted "reluctantly." Hallelujah!

I said "No thank you" roughly nine thousand and fourteen times at the baby shower. To the sherbet punch, to the mimosas, to the cupcakes, the sandwiches, the candy buffet, the pasta salad..... My husband sent me funny memes, and a won a gift basket! Turns out, I know the mom-to-be best. TAKE THAT WHOLE 30. TAKE THAT.

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