Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Survived Week One

Well, we did folks. We survived week one.

I have to tell you, I do feel amazing. For some reason I am having the hardest time sleeping though, which is an odd side effect to have. It doesn't seem like many people experience insomnia on the 30 Day Challenge, so if you have some helpful advice for me I will take it.

Yesterday almost did me in. I turned in my manuscript packet for the month (late) and could not make my celebratory dinner and open a bottle of wine. And I reeeeallllllly mourned that. I felt it people. FELT IT. And I was upset over something I had no business being upset about and I discovered that my response was to eat. Anything. Specifically, anything that is not Whole 30. Which, thanks to the husband, I didn't. But it was an eye-opener in terms of eating behavior to be sure.

I am going to a wedding tomorrow guys. A wedding. With delicious food. And cake. And champagne. AND AN OPEN BAR. I am a little stumped on how to proceed. I filled out my food preferences months ago - the hubs got steak and I got chicken. But I am sure it will be sauced or stuffed or whatever and I don't know what to do. Pack food in my purse? Privately ask the caterer to accommodate me? Is that rude? And like, what if someone says something about me pulling half a roasted chicken out of my purse? TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!


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