Friday, October 16, 2015

Gladiator Rock n' Run

Tomorrow I will run my first race on the Whole 30. Usually I have oatmeal in the morning with a ton of berries. Then, on the course I have Clif Shot Bloks (Yay Clif!) about every mile or so. I'll drop some electrolyte tabs in my hydration kit too. These things help keep me going and hydrated.

But you cannot have these things on the Whole 30.


I have packed a banana (I am so. sick. of. bananas!) with some raisins for pre-race, plain water for hydration, and a RX Bar for protein after the race.

I am a little nervous, truth be told. However, I am not running for time tomorrow, just for fun (how novel!) so this is helping calm the competition beast.

Also, can we talk about how AWESOME is it that The Femme Royale POSTED ME TO THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE?!


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