Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 3

I survived the movie theater last night. I drank my flavored Perrier and ate my bag of fruit crunchies and I did it. Even though my husband had me passing BUTTERFINGER pieces back and forth to the kids and the kids needed help with their FRUIT SNACKS and the people in front of me were splitting a god damn PIZZA. (Really Antonio and Leo? A whole pizza?! How did you hide that shit on the way in?! And where did you get it from because it smelled so so good. Like cheesy heaven....)

Today, I face the brutality of a baby shower. All the mimosas....the lemonades...the cake pops....and dips...and quiche...and and and....

So tell me, my Whole 30 Homies, whats a girl to do to stay on track? Whats the secret? GIVE ME YOUR WISDOM.


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